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Airpush Achieves Mobile Ad Market Supremacy

Posted: 11/01/12

By: tomgrisafi


Airpush continues to make enormous strides as the mobile ad network to watch this year... and next.

Capping a recent string of milestones for the Android ad network - milestones that include becoming the 2nd largest Android ad network in the world, issuing a record amount of developer payouts for a single month, and releasing a widely-praised new SDK - Airpush has now taken top honors in its industry.

Last week, The Mobile Excellence Awards program recognized Airpush as the best mobile ad network, saying Airpush has done more than other leading ad networks to shape, influence, and drive growth in its industry for 2012.

A number of developers IGC works with have weighed in on Airpush and similarly praise the company, chiefly in response to the creation of SmartWall, Airpush's new mobile ad format that is leading to new and heightened monetization opportunities greater than what most had anticipated.

"I get $6-$8 CPM with Airpush SmartWall," says Brian Terigin, a developer from Chicago who has also created some of the best mobile websites for small tech companies in and around Chicago.

Terigin seems to be one of many aboard the Airpush train lately. And the ad network couldn't possibly appear more excited about its future growth potential as a result.

“Throughout 2012 we have seen the results of these efforts pay off in terms of dramatic growth of our network, huge payout increases for our developers and consistently increasing ROI for our advertisers,” said Asher Delug, CEO of Airpush, following his company's receipt of the high honor. “This award is yet another recognition of our work and a validation that the innovation we are bringing to the industry is helping advertisers and developers around the world to reach and exceed their business goals.“

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