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CME Group Says MSRI Prize in Innovative Quantitative Applications Awarded to Robert Shiller

Posted: 09/28/12

By: tomgrisafi


CME Group and the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) announced today economist Robert Shiller is the 2012 recipient of the CME Group-MSRI Prize in Innovative Quantitative Applications. He will be honored at an award ceremony at W Chicago-City Center on Friday, October 12, at 10:30 a.m.

U.S. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and Keith Hennessey, former National Economic Council director, will debate the topic: "The U.S. Housing and Financial Crisis: Aftermath & Afterthoughts" prior to the award ceremony.

The seventh annual CME Group-MSRI Prize recognizes individuals who contribute original concepts in mathematical, statistical or computational methods for the study of the markets' behavior and global economics.

"I am honored to be recognized by CME Group and MSRI for my work in the field of mathematical sciences and am thrilled both organizations see the impact quantitative research has on shaping global financial markets," Shiller said.

"Dr. Shiller's impact on financial services and economics is unparalleled," said Leo Melamed, CME Group Chairman Emeritus and Prize Selection Committee member. "The Standard & Poor's/Case Shiller Home Price Indices are critical to global economy. We are proud to add him to the distinguished list of recipients of the CME Group-MSRI Prize in Innovative Quantitative Applications."

"Professor Shiller's research has advanced the application of mathematical sciences toward understanding problems in the real world with rigor and innovative thinking that has been prescient in its grasp of the housing market bubble," said Robert Bryant, Director of MSRI and Prize Selection Committee member. "MSRI is proud to be collaborating with CME Group in recognizing Professor Shiller's fundamental contributions to financial economics and the international influence of his analysis of market behavior."

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Posted: 10/11/12

in its per curiam opniion. “Appellant bore no direct risk with respect to non-payment of its customers' credit card indebtedness, did not suffer any losses as a result of the defaults to the finance companies, and presented no competent evidence that its service fee payments constituted bad debt losses for which a sales tax refund would be appropriate under N.J.S.A. 54:32B-12(c) or N.J.A.C. 18:24-23.2.”State Regulation Found ReasonableThe court was also not convinced by Home Depot's argument that the so-called “sales tax first” regulation—which requires a vendor to remit all the sales tax on an item, even if the vendor is only able to collect a portion of the principle—distorts the effective rate of the sales tax to a rate substantially higher than 6 percent. The company claimed the higher rate constituted an unreasonable and invalid regulatory interpretation of the sales and use tax act.The appeals court found that the tax court aptly explained why the statute and regulation were reasonable and the scheme had a rational relationship to a legitimate governmental interest. The tax court said it was reasonable for the division of taxation, which does not have the ability to participate in the credit evaluation of a particular customer, should not bear any of the credit risk relating to that customer. . . . If it sounds like they make up the rules as they go along, you are on to something.Tip for future tax protestors: Avoid jurisdictional routes that take you through a tax court. Tax court judges are picked to rubber stamp gov. cases. Occasionally an outlier, like Judge Vasquez on the USTC gets through, but they are rare.


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