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Mobile Ad Networks Challenged by Airpush to Raise The Bar

Posted: 11/10/12

By: tomgrisafi


According to the latest data and corresponding projections from the International Data Corporation, the mobile advertising industry could be valued at close to $15 billion by 2016. But the industry's largest and most successful mobile ad networks could face a significant challenge next year -- a challenge that, in turn, will all but certainly lead to a massive upheaval in the industry's biggest players by the time 2016 finally does arrive.

"Some of today's premiere mobile ad networks have grown lax and unresponsive to key challenges facing the industry at large," independent business analyst and mobile advertising expert Mike Randazzo recently told Business Insider. "How these ad networks address message relevance and security will separate many of the survivors from the sinkers by this time next year."

Thanks in no small part to the dramatically escalating threat of mobile-bound malware and excessive, overly-aggressive mobile ad campaigns, today's leading mobile ad networks could be wiped out unless new practices, guidelines, and technologies are cultivated.

"Flurry, InMobi, Jumptap, Millennial Media, and other leading names will still be here in a year," Randazzo concedes, "but they may not be the 'ones to watch' anymore." Instead, he proposes, the ad networks that have stepped up their games in 2012 could be poised to leapfrog today's top players on the backs of their own innovation and, more importantly, responsible actions.

"Airpush is definitely going to continue surprising the mobile ad community," Randazzo estimates. Why? "Airpush is proactively addressing mobile security, targeted ads, ad format diversity, and messaging relevance. These are priorities for Airpush. They seem to be merely ancillary concerns for a lot of other ad networks, companies we may not remember in five years."

After being named the “Best Mobile Ad Network” of 2012 at October's presentation of the annual Mobile Excellence Awards, Airpush lent more credence to Randazzo's claims when the company confirmed on Thursday a new partnership with Appthority, a leading force in mobile app security.

"By integrating Appthority's technology directly into its platform," a representative for Airpush tells Business Insider in an exclusive interview, Airpush has "virtually eliminated" the threat of mobile malware distribution through its network - a bustling network of well over 50,000 applications and counting.

Not surprisingly, says Randazzo, Airpush's initiative to bolster mobile app security is being met with the same positive reception observed when the Android ad network rolled out its new SDK 5.0 in August - an offering designed to coincide with the freshly revamped Google Developer Policy.

"So we're all looking to the forward-thinking, responsible actions of ad networks like Airpush and others that are trying to get ahead of tomorrow's biggest problems today," Randazzo concludes. "The industry is changing so fast that some have grown perilously complacent enough to believe they will always remain the biggest players in the game. I think mobile advertising is due for a good cleansing in terms of the ad networks we presently hold in the highest regard. The most recognizable names aren't necessarily the best any longer. We're seeing too much information to the contrary."

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Posted: 11/11/12

I wasn't a big Airpush proponent until this past summer, and the SDK converted me into a loyalist. To be honest, it was all about money. I was making more with Airpush than I was with LeadBolt, where I had been a loyalist too for a long time. But hearing more about responsible actions to make mobile safer is just reaffirming my faith in this ad network. I think its awesome that this is being done. http://blog.airpush.com/how-airpush-is-leading-the-fight-against-mobile-malware/


Posted: 01/02/13

Networking is totally made psoisble by the endless posibilities of this time. Though that is obviously great, I do feel there is a big downside. The bigger the networks get, the less personal and less in depth they tend to be. I truly believe all people should be searching for some middleground of networking. Both big' and personal. Quite a hard thing to do, but those networks will truly be the ones that stand out!


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